Ep 027: Connecting Skills That Make Positive Change

August 30, 2017

Communication and Connection is needed to be effective in business and in family! Connection skills can make the right positive change in your life. You or someone you know may struggle with communication. Discover how to connect with others and see positive results in your life today! 


Ep 026: Communication vrs. Connection

August 16, 2017

Discover how to improve your communication and connect with others! Learn the difference between communication versus connection and how you can make a connection with your family and your peers. Lorinda will share leadership principles that will help to reach your potential and make a connection in the world around you! 


Ep 025: Are You Really Living Or Just Surviving?

August 10, 2017

Are you really living or just surving? There is a difference from living or just surviving to get by. Discover how to get out of the mundane routine of life and start living the life you desire. Live a great life and make a positive difference in the world. Listen today!